How It Works


Potential Revenue streams

  • Complete “behind the fence” operation of existing gen set avoids complex interconnection assessments
  • Ability to later participate in rich “Demand Response” programs as technology matures

Plug and Play ZHRO PowerGen Kit that initially operates completely ring‐fenced from utility with potential to provide demand response

How It Works – Savings Calculation

Potential Revenue streams

  • Annual Electricity Consumption: 6,488,546 KWh
  • Current Diesel Genset: 750 KW
  • Average Cost of Electricity: $0.135/KWh
  • Base load Operation – 24 hrs per day / 7 Days per Week


No upfront costs to transfer operations liability and lock in long term electricity cost savings

How It Works – Summary

ZHRO Engine Kit

  • Retrofit of Diesel engine to 100% natural gas with no loss of engine performance
  • EPA Tier 4 Compliant – full prime power application
  • Primary use of engine for emergency response and secondary for peak shaving
  • Greener solution to dirtier diesel


PowerGen Business Model

  • *Based on $4.60 / MMBTU Gas Prices
  • Convert existing stationary diesel engines used for emergency power to prime power applications at no cost to engine owner
  • Take upon complete responsibility for operations and maintenance of engines
  • Sale of significantly cheaper electricity through Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) to engine owner then current rates they are paying from local utilities

ZHRO’s ability to produce <$0.06/KWh electricity provides tremendous opportunity to deploy disruptive technology across North American marketplace