What’s in The Kit?
Three simple components — the fuel injector, fuel delivery system, and electronic controls are all that is required to transform an engine. No invasive engine remanufacture required.

Fuel Injector
The proprietary fuel injector embodies years of research, design, and trade secret material science that allow for the high performance characteristics of the conversion kit.

Fuel System
The fuel system typically consists of tanks, compressor, fuel lines and a fuel conditioning system. Select your choice of off-the-shelf fuel storage and delivery components based on fuel requirements. For Stranded Gas / Flare Gas there is an additional ZHRO proprietary gas processor added and, depending upon circumstances, for Stand-By generation, there may be a requirement for fuel compression and storage. These are determined on a case by case basis.

Customized software interfaces with the engine and its control systems, board sensors and actuators to monitor and control all aspects of engine, fuel system and other vehicle operation.