Uncompromising Performance
Converting from diesel to natural gas no longer means having to compromise on engine performance.

Natural Gas vs Diesel Performance
The ZHRO™ system mimics the performance parameters of the existing diesel engine. Traditionally converting to natural gas has involved compromising on key engine performance, the ZHRO™ Injector System eliminates this compromise.

Start-up time
Diesel generators have faster start times compared to traditional natural gas engines. Since the ZHRO™ system is designed to meet the exact performance standards of its diesel counterpart, startup times are not a limiting factor.

Fuel Efficiency
Diesel engines have Break Thermal Efficiencies (BTE) of 40% or greater, vs. natural gas engines in the 36% range. The ZHRO™ system pushes beyond the efficiencies of current natural gas technology, removing the stigma of lower fuel efficiency.

Natural gas engines produces less power than diesel for comparable physical generator size due to lower thermal efficiency and lower cylinder pressures. The ZHRO™ system creates the correct cylinder pressures needed to support the power of an existing diesel engine.

Transient Response
Standard natural gas engines have difficulty responding quickly to load transients, however the flexibility of the ZHRO™ Injector System’s unique combustion strategy eliminates this limitation.

The ZHRO™ Fuel Injector System Performance Advantage
The ZHRO™ Fuel Injector System provides an unprecedented transformation in natural gas engine technology. All of the legendary performance and reliability of the diesel engine is retained, while the additional environmental and cost advantages of a natural gas machine are added to the system.

Conventional retrofit kits convert a high performing diesel engine into a lower performing gas engine. The ZHRO™ Fuel Injector System allows operation of a high performance diesel engine at its utmost potential while using natural gas, an unprecedented shift in engine conversion technology.