Value Proposition


  • ZHRO Injector System is a revolutionary new diesel ‐natural gas retrofit technology
  • State of the art new injector system combines advanced material science, combustion engineering and pioneering injector design to deliver the world’s first commercially available stratified charge direct injected natural gas retrofit kit.
  • Delivering equivalent diesel power and efficiency, EPA compliance, lower operations and maintenance costs and a simplified non‐ invasive installation
  • ZHRO combines all of the performance advantages of both diesel and natural gas systems, with none of the compromises

ZHRO provides technology that combines all the benefits of both diesel and natural gas platforms

Value Proposition – Key Elements


  • Retrofit of underutilized diesel gen set asset to be used for both prime and emergency power using natural gas at “No Cost” to business owner
  • Maintain original primary function of gen set Emergency Response with secondary function of prime
  • Installation and ongoing servicing to be performed by third party (I.E CAT Dealership)
  • Transfer of operations and burden of existing generator set testing and maintenance
  • Installation conducted during minimal disturbance times
  • Utilization of much cleaner fuel than dirty diesel

ZHRO technology enables business owner lock in up to 15% annual savings off their electricity bill due to low cost of production <$0.06/KWh

Value Proposition to Building Owner


Property owners will see a significant increase in property value for no initial capital expenditure

Value Proposition – National Scale

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  • Commercial and industrial electricity rates from U.S. Energy Information Administration are forecasted to rise as much as much as 10% a year due past and future capital cost deployment yet to be recovered by various utilities

Significant market potential across North America with <$0.06/KWh cost of energy compared to avoided consumer and industrial rates