Value Proposition


  • ZHRO Injector System is a revolutionary new diesel ‐natural gas retrofit technology
  • State of the art new injector system combines advanced material science, combustion engineering and pioneering injector design to deliver the world’s first commercially available stratified charge direct injected natural gas retrofit kit.
  • Delivering equivalent diesel power and efficiency, EPA compliance, lower operations and maintenance costs and a simplified non‐ invasive installation
  • ZHRO combines all of the performance advantages of both diesel and natural gas systems, with none of the compromises

ZHRO provides technology that combines all the benefits of both diesel and natural gas platforms

Value Proposition – EPA Compliance

  • The Clean Air Act amendments passed by Congress require that EPA develop and implement regulations for the responsible management of ozone‐depleting substances and greenhouse gases in the United States.


  • Electricity production and transportation are the largest contributors to GHG emissions in the US, and the EPA’s latest Tier 4 emissions standards require these sectors to drop their harmful output to levels never seen before in history – in some cases requiring emissions reductions of over 90%.
  • Substantial R&D will be required by all engine suppliers in order to meet the new regulations, and owners of all generators will be forced to either purchase new engines or upgrade their existing ones in order to ensure compliance.

Meeting EPA Tier 4 requirements will be one of the most expensive and technically challenging undertakings for engine manufacturers

Value Proposition – EPA Compliance


Value Proposition – Summary


ZHRO’s Clean Alternative Technology EngineKit

  • Retrofit of Diesel engine to 100% natural gas with no loss of engine performance
  • EPA Tier 4 Compliant – full prime power application
  • Primary use of engine for base load power on site or sale of power to grid
  • Greener solution to dirtier diesel and significant reduction in diesel haulage costs

Ability to produce electricity at <$0.06/KWh – Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)


  • Convert existing stationary diesel engines to prime power applications, coupled with ZHRO proprietary gas processor and controls at no cost to owner
  • Take on complete responsibility for operations and maintenance of engines
  • Eliminate the waste and environmental risk of Flare Gas and create profitable Direct Power use on site or, optional Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) sold to the grid

ZHRO Clean Alternative Tech produces <$0.06/KWh electricity and provides profitable alternative to wasteful flaring operations and stranded gas assets